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cueFlash is a tool that helps you memorize information quickly. You create a deck of virtual cards, and you fill in the text for each side of the card. For example:

  • The front could be a word like "voluminous" and the back would be

"occupying much space"

  • The front could be "9 X10=" and the back could be "90"

After you are finished creating a deck, you flip through the deck, and the system presents you with the front of the card, followed by the back of the card. You chose whether you were right or wrong, and the system will continually resort the deck to help you learn the ones you know the least.

Decks added to the system are accessable to other users, so you can simply click on one of the decks in the public library and start using it to brush up on your geography or learn a little sign language

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